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Teeth which are no longer restorable are best removed prior to the onset of infection. Infection is present when there is pain, swelling, redness, and many times the mouth will not open normally. Tooth decay is the primary cause of tooth loss along with loss of bone support, called periodontal disease. Most teeth can be removed with a local anesthetic and careful manipulation. When roots are fractured or split, a surgical approach might be needed, which involves an uncovering procedure and, many times, root separation. Suturing may be necessary.




A tooth is considered “impacted” if it has not fully erupted into the mouth. Each impacted tooth is unique and special care must be used. A panoramic X-ray will be needed for impacted teeth. A full consultation visit is necessary. Impacted teeth are best treated in the late teen years. If the patient is under the age of 18, a parent must be present for that consultation visit. All considerations will be discussed and presented, including types of anesthesia.




Good quality X-rays are necessary for proper treatment. Outdated films are of historic value only. Dr. Kaufman will utilize X-rays provided by your dentist if they are of good quality, current, and show all necessary information. We will take only those films needed to provide quality care. Digital radiographs are utilized with the lowest possible radiation. An iCAT scanner is utilized for special circumstances, such as bone evaluation and implant preparation.

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